My Favourite Face Mask

RachelSo I’m not always a skincare saint *removes halo* and in typical style I had a few too many on Saturday night and after falling asleep on the couch at 2am I decided that going straight to bed was definitely me living my best life. It’s never the greatest decision as it’s bad enough waking up with the lingering headache but crusty eyelashes are the worst. Enter my skin saviour…

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The Holy Grail of Moisturisers

“You won’t get wrinkles when you’re older…


This is the classic line devised by the world’s first oily girl designed to make us other oily skinned gals feel a whole lot better about being a shining beacon of light on any and every flash photo. But, we want it all thanks; no wrinkles, no shine.

For about 15 years now I have battled with my oily/combination skin and me being the lazy so and so I am, I have completely avoided moisturiser in that time.

The fact that I wasn’t getting any younger coupled with every facialist who got within 100m of me screaming at me for having such dehydrated skin, I decided last year I needed to make some progress. As mentioned, I’m also pretty lazy so y’know doing nothing was always the better option.
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