The Best Spa 2017


In January 2017 we declared it to be “The Year of the Spa!” a bold statement considering we only had one spa day booked at the time. Nevertheless, she persisted.


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Beauty SOS Night at Harvey Nichols

So when the email promo landed for the Beauty SOS Night we snapped up the invitation.

A girls’ night out you don’t want to miss!

The minimalist look? Pah! We say, the more the merrier. In life, and in lipsticks.

Join us for the ultimate fun-filled girls’ night at the Second Floor.
The best of our beauty brands will be offering treatments and insider tips and tricks from our instore experts, followed by drinks and a delicious dinner.

As we’ve previously experienced beauty nights at Harvey Nics and Selfridges we were expecting the beauty floor to be closed to invitees with a multitude of instore experts around for advice, make-overs and sales pitches. However, this night was slightly different in that the instore experts where out of their natural habitat on the 2nd floor.


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