Christmas Beauty Haul

FionaIn amongst the whirlwind of Christmas (driving over 500 miles, drinking too much Baileys and eating twice my body weight in cheese) I was completely spoiled by friends and family with some gorgeous beauty gifts.

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Confessions of a skincare newbie!

My alarm goes off, I get in the shower. Get out. Use a facial wipe to get rid of the remnants of yesterday’s make-up. Put on today’s make-up and carry on my daily routine.

This *was* my skincare routine for the past…….years! *cringe*

And then I went to beauty club!

When I told them about my beauty “routine” I was met with shaking heads and disappointed looks, which was totally deserved!

I was then bombarded with information bout cleansers, toners, moisturisers and acids (something I’d only really experienced in science at school!)

I realised I needed to change.

I decided I needed to take a shopping trip, and luckily Lucy and Sara were on hand to come with me and guide me through the confusion. Needless to say I came home with quite the haul:


After reading the brilliant Caroline Hirons blog, and getting advice from my fellow beauty clubbers,  I realised that it wasn’t at all confusing! Cleanse, tone, moisturise. Simple!

My favorite products are my Body Shop camomile Cleansing oil, the Indeed Laboratories powder exfoliator and their Hydraluron moisture jelly. Three products I now don’t think I could live without!

After one week of my routine, I had already noticed a difference in my skin. Softer, smoother and with less breakouts. I even went out one night with no BB cream on!

I had always thought that it would take too much time to do all these steps but actually it’s pretty quick. I work shift as a Bar Manager so I keep silly hours. I now look forward to coming home and taking my Make-up off . It gives me five minutes to myself and gives me a bit of time to de-stress.

To all those people who think they don’t have time, or it’s too confusing….you do! And it’s not! Take it from me…I was the last person I thought would have a skincare routine, and now I would not be without it!

Thanks  Ladies!

NEW! Body Shop – Smoky Poppy – Valentine’s Limited Edition

The most seductive range ever, the Smoky Poppy range.

High claims to live up to for a body care line.

The fragrance contains a captivating blend of sultry spices, elegant florals and earthy woody notes. Which makes my heart sing.

I picked up the body scrub, shower gel and body lotion.

Smoky Poppy

The body scrub is a gel-like consistency with real poppy seeds contained along with the normal scrubbies (technical term). The signature poppy scent is there and the real poppy seeds are a nice touch. As a body scrub it’s good if you like it abrasive, which I do (ohh-err). However once rinsed away your skin feels soft and nourished.

Body Scrub, £13.

The shower gel is thick and rich, lathers well and the scent isn’t overpowering in a steamy shower. It’s black in colour, which was slightly off-putting initially. However, once lathered it turns into a translucent/white foam and it hasn’t stained my shower pouf. It leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised, all of those oil-rich poppies going to work.

Click for enlarged view

Shower Gel, £4.

The body lotion comes with a pump applicator (hurrah!) and is a lightweight moisturiser which absorbs quickly into skin and leaving it feeling touchably soft. The scent isn’t overpowering but does linger after use.

Click for enlarged view

Body lotion, £8.

There’s also a set of bath bombs, body butter, eau de toilette and a body massage oil.

In stores and online now.