Summer Trends & Work Wear

FionaIt’s June. It’s hot. It’s officially BRITISH SUMMERTIME!!

But calm yourselves, because with the high temperatures comes a whole new wave of confusion and stress for many (including me) of ‘what the hell do I wear for work?’

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Empties reviews April



Sunday Riley – Juno


£70 35ml / £35 15ml

LOVED this oil, and will definitely be repurchasing ASAP. This oil rejuvenates dull complexions to give luminosity to the skin, and helps with radiance and is rich in omega 3 6 & 9. It feels quite heavy on application but dries down in no time, balancing sebum production and quite frankly, just makes my face look better.

(I am now using UFO which I also really get on with, but can’t wait to add Juno back into the mix for my morning routine, as it sits well under foundation and moisturiser)

Alpha H Cleansing Balm


£27.50 50ml

As a huge liquid gold fan, I wanted to try out the new cleansing balm by Alpha H. Did I love it? No, not really. Didn’t hate it, just felt like it was a bit.. meh. It had a ‘Kate Somerville’ style flat pump which I initially liked the idea of, but it made it difficult to know how much to use as one ‘pump’ never covered my whole face and although it did a good job of getting my face make up off (once I’d got enough out!) I had to go in with eye make up remover afterwards, if I had heavy duty mascara. I tended to use this as a morning cleanse for that reason, but I had other cleansers which I preferred over this in my collection.

Omorovicza – Queen of Hungary Mist


£15 Travel size

This is a hydrating mist and smells like a spa, and the nozzle gives you a delicate spritz of cooling liquid. Blended with orange blossom, rose and sage waters to purify and tone and apple pectin to restore hydration, this refreshing spray promises to give instant rejuvenation. It is formulated with the power of the Hungarian thermal waters (Ooh!) and intended to be sprayed directly on the face when your skin needs a pep, or after cleansing. Delightful to use, but absolutely not a necessary step.

Glossier – Boy Brow (brown)



I reviewed this product back in my Glossier haul at the end of last year and I have just used it up, using it most days! This is a great little brow gel and brown is a great colour for me. The texture gives my brow hairs some hold without the crunchiness, and lasts all day. I prefer this to my ABH brow gel, and have already repurchased a replacement!

Thanks for reading! Emmy xo



What are your empties this month? and will you be repurchasing?


February Beauty Club

FionaLast week all the planets aligned and all six members of Beauty Club actually managed to get together! With busy jobs, families and other commitments we can’t always do this as much as we would like but my vegan mac n cheese was obviously too good to turn down…

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Vegan Mac n Cheese – February Menu

FionaSo we’ve decided to add in our recipes for what we eat when we all get together. All our dishes are vegan as we have two vegan members so it just makes it easier to cook for all!


This month I tackled a dairy fave – Mac n Cheese (without dairy obvs)…

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My Favourite Face Mask

RachelSo I’m not always a skincare saint *removes halo* and in typical style I had a few too many on Saturday night and after falling asleep on the couch at 2am I decided that going straight to bed was definitely me living my best life. It’s never the greatest decision as it’s bad enough waking up with the lingering headache but crusty eyelashes are the worst. Enter my skin saviour…

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Vegan Buffet – January Menu

Rachel As January is the annual celebration of our Fi’s birth when I hosted the January meet up I put together a bit of a party buffet *procecco pops*

On the menu (all vegan) – Caramelised Red Onion Quiche, Leek & Potato Salad, Green Balsamic Salad, Lemon Hummus & Chunky Guacamole with Tortilla Chips. January Menu (2)

Read on for the recipes for the red onion quiche and potato salad.

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January Beauty Club – New Year, New Me?

FionaNew year, new me? Nah. I’m quite happy with me thanks.

It can be really tempting to go into the new year with lots of unrealistic ambitions of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months and whilst it’s great to have goals, sometimes we just put too much pressure on ourselves.

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Christmas Beauty Haul

FionaIn amongst the whirlwind of Christmas (driving over 500 miles, drinking too much Baileys and eating twice my body weight in cheese) I was completely spoiled by friends and family with some gorgeous beauty gifts.

group shot

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