Secret Santa Gift Guide

Rachel The annual office Secret Santa, whether you always have a great time with your colleagues or you see it as a bit of mandatory fun, it can always be difficult to figure out the perfect gift for that name you’ve picked out of a hat.

Our gift to you? A bunch of ideas to help you find something better than an amazon gift voucher.

Under £10s

Beauty Babe – £10 Sleek MakeUp Star Of The Show

Bearded Babe – £9.99 Beard buddy beard shaper

Gym Goer – £9.99 Stay Cool Ice Towel

Skincare Saviour – £10 NUXE Christmas Cracker

Pampered Pal – £10 Soap & Glory The Zest Of Times

Business Bud – £9.99 100 Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings

Conspiracy Santa

A great alternative to the traditional Secret Santa. Everyone has a hand in planning a surprise for one person. Set up a Whatsapp group or an email chain with everyone except the person you’re planning the gift for. Pool your ideas about their interests and then decide on something special. It’s a great way to get to know people better, and working together should result in a gift they actually want.

Secret Friend

This could last the entire holiday season and beyond, if you fancy… Everyone picks a name out of the (Santa) hat – instead of buying your chosen name a gift, you look out for a chance to do something nice for them. It could be anything, like doing their work washing up for a week, or topping up their supply of biscuits and favourite tea, or a post it note saying something nice when they’re getting stressed.


I hope you’ve found some inspo from this selection or perhaps a new idea for this year’s annual gift swap.

Happy Hols!

Rach x