Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel – The Wonder Product?

FionaAfter being bombarded with sponsored social media ads (boy, do they know their target market) I decided to purchase the well hyped Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel and see what all the fuss was about.

For those that have never seen me sans-brow, I was a victim of the early noughties brow fashion. I had peroxide blonde hair and so decided that the only way to ‘match’ my brows was to pluck them into lines about 2mm thick. Therefore, I spend the equivalent of 1 and half days every year drawing them back on. Sigh.

I’ve gotten good at it and get asked a lot about my brows but it would be amazing not to have to do it – especially when going to the gym or swimming (haha, as if, I really mean sitting in spa or splashing in the pool on holiday).

The big selling point of the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel is that it claims to be “completely waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and lasts up to 3 days.” So, does it?


Well, kinda.

It’s definitely waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof which is great if by the end of the day your brows are usually a little bit more blurry than when you started. I usually scratch my head or brush my brows when I move my glasses and my current product Illamasqua Brow Cake handles this pretty well. However, if I’m doing a day to night look, they don’t look as defined as I’d like.

It’s easy enough to apply but I didn’t use either of the applicators that come with it, which are a short, stubby brush and a spoolie. I bought this whilst on offer with a free angled brow brush and I used that. All their demos show this brush so it really annoys me they don’t just sell them as pair. Why put two applicators with your product when neither are suitable to apply with?!

It goes on lightly and I found I needed to build to get the right shade for me. It layers the product which dries almost crispy to the touch, leaving them with a coarser texture. This isn’t amazing but since I don’t touch them that much it didn’t bother me and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing something heavier.


But lasting for 3 days? Come on! It does pose the question whether you’d even want to wear brow make-up for 3 days straight, but even if you did, this doesn’t deliver.

In fairness, it says to remove use an oil cleanser, soak and wipe. I use an oil or balm cleanser anyway so I think this would only work if you use something like micellar water or (heaven forbid) make up wipes. When I did a normal cleanse it lifted patches of the colour so then I went in and rubbed to remove properly.

So, in conclusion, it’ll give you good shape and precision for 24hrs, but it won’t last longer; unless you don’t wash properly!