January Beauty Club – New Year, New Me?

FionaNew year, new me? Nah. I’m quite happy with me thanks.

It can be really tempting to go into the new year with lots of unrealistic ambitions of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months and whilst it’s great to have goals, sometimes we just put too much pressure on ourselves.

It’s also really easy to just write off the previous year, especially if it wasn’t all good (what, your year had highs and lows too?!) and this can be a little short-sighted. If you went through some tough times, chances are you learnt how strong you can be. If you felt like didn’t reach any milestones, I bet you had some great nights out with friends that you still laugh about now. And if you felt that you didn’t hit the targets you’d set yourself, learn to be a bit kinder to you – you’re doing OK juggling life.

So, with this in mind, we had our first BC meeting of the year and you know what? We didn’t do an awful lot. We ate really good food (all vegan and prepared by Rachel) drank a couple of bottles of Prosecco (cos we’re basic OK?) and had a good natter about what we’d all been up to and what our plans for the next month were.


We had a snoop through our make up bags and had a play with our latest buys. Some of our faves were:

Glossier’s Generation G lip colour in Zip
Finally, the myth of a nude red lipstick realised! Available in a number of shades, this is a nice moisturising lip colour in between a lipstick and a balm.

Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist by Sam McKnight
The new go-to name in hair care brings the price point of Ouai with the impact of Oribe. Only problem is, we need to try the whole range now!

CLEAN Perfume
Our first IRL peek at Rach’s haul from New York included two of their rollerballs in Rain and Reserve Citron Fig. The first is a really light, clean scent and the second a zesty burst with a sweet finish.

We’ll be doing some planning and admin next month and gorging on spreadsheets and shared google docs with the hope of bringing you the best Manchester Beauty Club year ever! So let us know if there is anything you’d like to see more of or less of and any products you’d like us to review.

In the meantime, don’t give up booze entirely, sign up to a 3 year gym membership and cancel your Netlfix account. If you want to make changes, why not drink more water, try a local exercise class and for every hour you binge on Netflix, log 10 mins reading time. You’re more likely to achieve it which will make you feel good about it so you’ll continue doing it.

So go, set the world on fire in 2018, or at the very least, get lit.

new me