The Best Liquid Lipstick


You can tell by the stock on the beauty shelves that matte liquid lipsticks are having their 15 minutes of fame right now. All brands seem to have their version of of the new trend made famous by Kat Von D and OCC.

Liquid Lip

we’ve tried so many over the past few months. Here’s the review of our top picks…

Emmy – Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

Formula is thin but opaque and wears away well without it being too drying, really large colour collection. Bonus points for Jeffree being a vegan & cruelty free brand.

Top tip – You can mix the Jeffree shades to create a custom colour *and* you can use them as waterproof liquid eyeliner!

Fiona – Anastasia Beverly Hills


This satin feeling liquid lip drys to a matte finish, the nude shades intensify with each application without the product feeling “built up”.

Top tip – To elminate any dryness Fiona applies a drop of oil from Kypriss before liquid lipstick application.

Lucy – Kat Von D


This liquid lip veteran has an incredable shade range, is a vegan & cruelty free brand and has the longest wand in the buisness! However, there’s a slightly mixed reputation depending on the colour/formula version you choose.

Rachel – MAC


Being the lipstick OG the liquid version had to live up to the legend. This extremely longwearing formula wears well, is buildable and packed full of pigment. It can get a little dry by the end of the day but anyone who can wear rubywoo all night wont notice a difference!

Laura – Too Faced

Too Faced

A honorable mention for those who hate a matte finish and a drying lipstick formula, the Melted liquid lip from Too Faced should see you through, it’s more moisturising and satin than any of the others mentioned. Just make sure you clean the spongey nosill it can have a tendancy to get blocked up.

Have we mentioned your fave, or do you have another liquid lip to rave about? Let us know in the comments. x

Liquid Lip Swatch

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