Gel Nails At Home


RachelSince that first bottle of clear with gold glitter polish I bought with my pocket money I’ve always loved painting my nails.

I’ve tried all the fads over the years, crackle polish, nail stamps, foils you had to rub on to transfer, plastic designs you had to heat with a hairdryer to stick (I still wince when I remember this one, no one needs houndstooth nails *that* badly). So when Laura turned up for a night out with nails that were colour changing I needed to get in on that alchemy!

She explained that it was a gel polish she got from Amazon.

So that started my journey into researching “gel nails”, “at home gel nail kits”, “gel starter packs”… I found a few but decided to choose the kit that Sensationail had on offer on It was £15 off and seem to contain everything I needed to get going.

How To

It’s quite easy as long as you follow the steps, this is how I did it on my natural nails –

1 – Clean nails (polish free, shaped as you like them, cuticles pushed back).

2 – Buff nails with a nail file to take of the smooth shine finish of your natural nail (wash hands of any dust).

3 – Apply a gel cleanser to a lint free wipe to rub over the nails, let air dry.

4 – Apply the gel primer, let air dry.

5 – Apply the gel base coat – take care to avoid the cuticles and the skin around the fingernails.

6 – Once painted put your fingers under the lamp, I’ve got a LED one in my kit but you may have a UV one instead. They both do the same job, follow the manufacturers instructions on how long it’ll take to cure your base, colour and top coats. My base and top took 15 seconds, colour took 30 seconds.

7 – When the gel has cured, do not touch the gel as it’ll have a sticky layer needed for the next step to adhere too.

8 – Apply your gel nail colour, cure for the recommended time and apply a second coat if required, cure again.

9 – When you’re happy with the opacity of your colour, apply your top coat, cure under the lamp.

10 – Use a lint free wipe and your gel cleanser to remove the sticky layer left over.

11 – Done… Your nails are instantly dry and should last over 7 days, up to 14 days!


I don’t have experience of another gel nail kit but I’d recommend the Sensationail kit, it had everything I needed to get started. Now I just have to figure out how difficult it’s going to be to remove them…