Our Make Up of Christmas Past…

For December, we thought we would try something a little bit different than a straight forward review and it being the festive season, we took inspiration from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to bring you our Make Up of Christmas Past, Present & Future…


Make Up of Christmas Past

These are the products that have been discontinued or that we lost along the way of life that we still mourn for to this day.

Emmy – When my friend gifted me the Charlotte Tilbury limited edition Norman Parkinson collection lipstick 1975; I wept with joy. However, when my mum called me to ask if I had a left a red lipstick with a rose gold case at her house (to which my panicked answer was yes) as she wanted to let me know her dog had eaten it, I wept with sorrow. Still grieving.

Sara – Last weekend saw the loss of my iPhone in my taxi home; an occurrence that is annoying. But, then, to my horror I realised I had also lost my Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner in Trooper. Unavailable in the UK, this was from Laura‘s visit to New York so isn’t something I can just pick up again. Sob.

Carrie – Possibly the longest mourned product of the list, I have never forgotten the perfection that was Vo5 Super Clean shampoo that I first fell in love with at an ex’s parents’ house around 15 years ago. It kept my naturally greasy hair feeling and looking clean for up to 5 days, which is basically a miracle.

Laura – I’ve always been on the search for the perfect black eyeliner and typically, after I’d found it, it was discontinued. The Ruby & Millie eyeliner had a clear plastic case with a twist bottom that you turned to release more eyeliner. It loaded straight onto the brush at the end (similar to YSL Touche Eclat) and meant I could apply it really delicately but it never dried as I could always load more colour.

Lucy – I still miss the Clinique Gel Blusher that they cold-heartedly discontinued around 10 years ago. It acted like a cheek stain, so you had to move quickly with it, but it was the perfect pink colour and lasted 12hrs+ so I would look effortlessly rosy all day and night. Rachel has recommend the Bourjois Aqua Blush as a possible replacement, so I’m going to give that a go!

Rachel – Why oh why do brands change formulas that work well? The Revlon Colour Stay Foundation used to be an affordable swap in for the Estee Lauder Double Wear but then they went and changed it by adding glitter to it! There is a time and a place for glitter, and that is the 90s. Still not forgiven them.

Fiona – My lost love is The Body Shop’s Hazelnut lip butter. They discontinued this about 5 years ago, yet still have the other 5 flavours available. No fair. It was a great, non-sticky, super moisturising whilst amazing smelling little pot of loveliness. The closest match I have found is the Palmer’s cocoa butter lip balm, but it’s just not the same. Hmph.


Check back next week to read Our Make Up of Christmas Present…

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