Euro Haul – In Bruges

I recently went on a mini holiday to Bruges (beautiful place, lovely beers, fab atmosphere) and picked up a few skincare and make-up bargains. Unfortunately Colin Farrell was nowhere to be found… If you’ve not seen In Bruges I highly recommend it (if you’re over 18).

Now why we’re all here…

The Haul

I found the best skincare and makeup shops along Zuidzandstraat and Steenstraat. I only picked up bits that were either exclusive or much cheaper than the UK.

Rituals was first up, I’ve not been to a Rituals store before, it was very zen, I was greeted with a cold drink of white tea and an offer of an assistance. I had a good look around and landed on 3 items and got a SPF freebie –

24H Hydrating Gel Cream – This is my new FAVORITE day moisturiser. It cost 26.50 Euros, compared with £26.50 in the UK (saving approx £8)

Mandi Lulur Shower Foam – If you’re able to smell this, do. Incredible. It’s a proper foam, like a more nourishing shaving foam texture and the smell lasts out of the shower! 8 Euros vs £8.50 (-£3 ish)

Ginger Essence & White Team Perfume – I got a mini of this to test it out, it’s really fresh and zingy, I’ll probably get the full size. 9.50 Euros vs £9.50 (-£3 ish)

I then found the MAC store. It was 19 Euros for a standard lipstick…

So I left empty-handed and wandered into ICI Paris, which is a makeup/perfume department-type store.

Everything they sold was the equivalent price in the UK. Then I found the BE Creative stand. I was drawn towards the matte foundation

It comes with a pump, of course I was going to buy it! It’s turned out to be a really great foundation, fantastic coverage, lasts well and I don’t seem to get as oily with it (something to do with Avocado proteins…). Now I need to find a UK stockist before I run out!!!

After May’s Beauty Club where we discovered (and all fell in love with) Lucy’s NYX lipstick in hot tamale, I’ve been on a quest for a hot orange, so the BE Creative lippy in Flame fulfilled my needs and at 5,18 Euros (on sale) it was an absolute steal!

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