Rachel’s Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

I love lipstick, Love.

Lipstick has been an icon of female empowerment for as long as I’ve had memories. It was invented about 5000 years ago (I’m not THAT old). The Egyptians wore it (slightly deadly… Let’s skip past that), Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century made bright lips infamous in England and by the end of the 19th century Guerlain began to manufacture lipstick.

In the 1920’s flappers had a neat “cupid’s bow” design drawn in dark red. The 30’s and 40’s saw anti-lipstick propaganda poisoning women’s minds that men preferred a “natural” look but by the 1950’s Marylin and Miss Taylor saw to it that lipstick was back and it was bold, red and sexy.

It’s never been back out of style with the nudes and pastels of the 60’s and 70’s. Neon, oh the neon pink and purples in the 1980’s. Matte brown was on every pout in the 90’s and the naughties have every colour, finish and price tag going.

Which brings me to one of my recommended lipstick brands – MAC. I’ve chosen MAC over Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Max Factor, (etc) because of their shade and finish range. There really is one out there for you and the following are my top five picks (all are sold as part of their standard range).


Brave is a “your lips but better” nude shade, I generally wear this daily for work. It’s a Satin finish, quite long lasting and comfortable to wear.


Fanfare is the coral-nude I swap Brave out for during the day. It’s like the muted version of Vegas Volt. It’s a Cremesheen finish, so like the Satin finish, quite long lasting and comfortable on the lips.


Lustering is a sheer bright pink. In a Lustre finish, it doesn’t last as long as the others but you do get a couple of hours. It’s extremely comfortable to wear and doesn’t cling to any dryness on the lips.

Girl About Town

Girl About Town is a bright full colour fuchsia pink. It’s an Amplified finish which is very long lasting (it will stain… I’ve woken up after nights out with this still in place). It’s also a really moisturising lipstick so it’s best of both worlds if you like it bold. It’s my fave to wear with a hangover as it brightens up your whole face and detracts from the eyebags!

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is a vivid blue-red (makes your teeth look whiter). It’s a Matte finish which comes with a pro and con. Pro – It’s SO long lasting, I’ve had a night out with this on, budge free, without having to reapply. Con – It’s SO matte if you have any dry patches this will cling, it can feel uncomfortable after wearing for a few hours and it’s a bugger to remove! If you’re going to want to wear this all night you must prep. I exfoliate my lips with my Lush popcorn lip-scrub then apply a thick layer of lip-balm whilst I apply the rest of my makeup. By the time I do my lips the balm has soaked in and I use a lip brush to apply the lipstick.

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