The Holy Grail of Moisturisers

“You won’t get wrinkles when you’re older…


This is the classic line devised by the world’s first oily girl designed to make us other oily skinned gals feel a whole lot better about being a shining beacon of light on any and every flash photo. But, we want it all thanks; no wrinkles, no shine.

For about 15 years now I have battled with my oily/combination skin and me being the lazy so and so I am, I have completely avoided moisturiser in that time.

The fact that I wasn’t getting any younger coupled with every facialist who got within 100m of me screaming at me for having such dehydrated skin, I decided last year I needed to make some progress. As mentioned, I’m also pretty lazy so y’know doing nothing was always the better option.

Now you also need to know that not only had I avoided moisturiser due my shine problem, I also actively detested the feel of moisturiser on my face. It just felt so greasy and would never absorb.


I decided a cheap and cheerful oil free moisturiser seemed to make the most sense so I picked up Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream For Oily to Combination Skinat £2.79 for 50ml. I used it in the mornings before applying my make-up and after I washed my face (with soap – don’t even start) and it sucked.


I had super slick skin by lunchtime and found myself in the work toilet every day doing damage control with layers of toilet paper.

I ditched it and gave hope. Did I mention I’m super lazy?

In December, we held our first Beauty Club meeting and the girls were aghast that I didn’t moisturise. (I won’t even repeat what they said when I answered ‘nope’ to skincare routine). I reluctantly agreed that they were right and I needed to get myself sorted. 
I invested in the Liz Earle Skin Repair Light for Combination/Oily skin because, well, Liz Earle. I’d read so many rave reviews of their skincare range that I figured it must be worth it.


had also started a new skincare routine including an oil based cleanser and Glycolic acid pads which were working well for me and built in this moisturiser as my 3rd step.

Firstly, I didn’t like the smell. It wasn’t awful. It wasn’t really strong. It just didn’t smell nice. And at £18 for 50ml I want it to at least smell nice. I didn’t really like the texture either. It was very (cue my technical term) heavy-creamy and just felt like it sat on my skin without absorbing. I used it for a few weeks and was still having my 1pm appointment with the work toilet mirror to wipe away my greasy disappointment.


I decided I needed something new. I had been previously converted by my oil cleanser so I wasn’t averse to oil. The theory is, if you put a certain amount of oil on an oily face, it then doesn’t over produce it itself, although skincare professionals disagree with each other on this, but I know it works for me. So armed with the confidence of my new skincare routine (and still wanting to avoid actually testing more moisturisers) I decided I now needed a night time moisturiser. I could be more adventurous here because, hey, who cares if you’ve got major shine issues at 4am?

I bought the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight MaskIt is heavier than a day moisturiser but feels much more water based and leaves a shine on your face like a face mask without any tightening on the skin. I woke up with super soft baby skin and loved it! It wasn’t cheap at £28 for 50ml but it was on a 3 for 2 offer online so worked out much better.  It felt good, it smelt good and it moisturised good. This was all good except this was for night use. What the hell was I meant to do in the day when my face really needed the hydration?! I thought the sensible thing to do was to google it.

I found some top 10 list for oily skin that contained the Good Things Miracle Mattifier LotionThis sounded good. Hell, it sounded perfect. And it only cost £7.99 for 100ml 

Then I made a school boy error. And one I will never make again.


I excitedly got the bottle home and got involved. As soon as I flipped the lid I scrunched up my nose. Woah! That is a strong scent! The flavour I had bought, and believe me, it can only be described as a flavour; was blackcurrant and goji berry.

I must confess here that I have really low tolerances for perfumes. I dont wear any as they give my headaches and make me feel sick. I was now feeling pretty sick. My whole face was making me feel sick. I got the hot flannel and with a heavy heart washed it all off. Would this never end? This Holy Grail of moisturiser search was getting silly.

Then two things happened.

Firstly, we reviewed powders for February Beauty Club and I found a product I now can’t live withoutThe Bare Minerals Translucent Mineral Veil. So this helped my afternoon shine immensely.


The second thing to happen was my visit to the Origins counter. Now, the sales lady pushed me towards their oil free moisturiser but I was having none of it, I’d learned that lesson already. I asked her what else she had and she opened an orange pot and the most glorious smell came out. She then put some on my hand and it had the most gorgeous water based texture.

I felt like Cinderella. But, I was still cautious. There had to be a catch, so I asked her for a sample pot and was on my way.

The next few days were amazing. I used it the mornings along with my powder and remained matte enough whilst not looking caked (a delicate balance to achieve) throughout my working day. Hurrah! It was possible!

Needless to say I rushed out and bought a pot of Origins GinZing  Energy Boosting Moisturiser at £23 for 50ml and haven’t looked back since. 

So, please know there is a product out there for you, no matter what your skin type or weird smell/texture afflictions.

The moral of this story is to always test before you buy! It seems so simple but I could’ve saved 3 months worth of oily face (enough to keep 10 people carriers running for a year) and around £30 by just following this simple lesson.


And let’s not forget, £30 is 1⅙ YSL lipsticks so it’s IMPORTANT STUFF GUYS!

F xx




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